Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard has compared the upcoming game against Norwich City as a game similar to that against top teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City. After the 3-2 win over Manchester City, Liverpool have more step closer towards achieving the dream of winning the league title. This would be the 19th league championship in the history of the club, but one that will probably arrive after 25 years since their last trophy success in 1990. For this reason, this is viewed as a special season for Liverpool. However, there is a danger of complacency creeping into the team after 10 straight victories.

Gerrard has warned against this complacency ahead of next weekend’s match. Liverpool will be the visitors to Carrow Road, which has often been a happy hunting ground for the Reds. Luis Suarez, especially, is fond of playing against Norwich and he usually scores a lot of goals against them. Due to their fight against relegation, this is seen as easy three points for Liverpool. Gerrard, though, thinks otherwise and he says that the Liverpool players should consider Norwich has the best team in the world right now. This would be the only way to avoid complacency, which could be their biggest enemy in the last four matches.

“We have to treat Norwich like we treated AC Milan in 2005. We have to forget what colour their kit is and the personnel wearing it and treat them as the best players in the world. We have to forget where we are and forget what we’ve done. We have to prepare for Norwich like it’s the last game of our careers. Every game is going to get bigger and bigger because we are getting close to that last game of the season,” said Gerrard.

Liverpool have a two-point advantage over Chelsea.