24 replies on “FC Barcelona – Alves: “We want to reciprocate the love of our supporters””

  1. I think that dani alves and puyol are barcas best defenders and whoever says that alves needs to leave barca- needs to hit his head against the wall.

  2. but alves often leaves his position so that there aren’t enough defensive players… and then the others have the possibility to score….:(

  3. duh…that’s the way alves dress. I know. He’s like a gangsta

  4. your fucking stupid and dont know shit about football you stupid american.

  5. completely right… alves is a great team player and creates good goal scoring chances, with his crosses.

  6. Are you nuts? He is really important to the team. thanks to him not only does Messi score alot of goals but his speed is something the team needs really badly.

  7. are you stupid? alves is one of the most important player on the team. without him messi wouldnt score so many goals

  8. I respect Dani Alves a lot! He may have a little strange dressing style, but he is very good, calm and intelligent person. I get angry when people say that Dani is a psycho and is the same as Pepe! This is not true!!!

  9. sometimes Alves reminds me of Chris Brown. he is so stylish . love you Dani. ♥

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