25 replies on “FC Barcelona – Cheaters, Liers, Actors ?? ALL true *for FCB Supporters”

  1. who dives without the other players touching them? Busquetes? still in comparassion to ronaldo he cant even be considered a diver ( and this is coming from a portuguese citizen). What jealously does to people.

  2. Why is a fucking polish doing talking about football? Go talk about pierogi or about how polish girls dont like you haha id give this video a pass if u were spanish but since u are not just fuck off and worry about ur country.

  3. maybe barca players are scared of madrid dirty tackles and they prefere to dive, its always better than a broken leg… And now tell me more about how is your favourite team innocent, they never dives,never acts .)

  4. can u fuckin’ tell me how pique in 4:50 should react to this ball? I mean it is a natural movement, he is not casillas… How should he be able to pull his arm back that fast ?

  5. i dont know why, but i think you are a real madrid fan ^( ‘-‘ )^ .well. Great Song! 🙂 Manu Chao.

  6. FC Barcelona are such liers they dive without even the other team touching them. They didn’t deserve the champion league title

  7. at least they showed a great game and it’s all just a way to become a champion and all the teams doing the same thing

  8. oh no i can except that they dive and that but its you that cant except that other big team do the exact same.

  9. I am a Barca fan and i will admit that they do dive but they arent the only ones. They are just targeted because they win titles. If they won nothing they wouldnt be targeted or their diving wouldnt be pointed out.

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