After several weeks without a victory, Chelsea finally managed to get three points from the home match against Fulham. Oscar and John obi Mikel scored a Chelsea in the 2-0 win over their local rivals, which helped the club move to the top of the table.

Speaking after the match, manager José Mourinho took a swipe at his critics by saying that all he can see at the moment is that Chelsea are top of the table. There has been talk of crisis before the start of the match, but he thinks that the pundits are quick to come to judgements. However, he cannot do the same way because he has more responsibilities.

The Portuguese had that he has been reading about a disaster Chelsea, but he would be going to bed tonight knowing that Chelsea are above all other teams in the Premier league, and currently the favourites to win the league on football betting site. Arsenal and Tottenham, though, could leapfrog Chelsea into the top position with a victory from their game in hand. Mourinho surprised everyone by leaving out star midfielder Juan Mata completely from the squad, while defender David Luiz was also missing as well.

After a tough first half in which the team created very few opportunities, Oscar scored just a few minutes into the second half. Mikel’s goal then made the game safe for Mourinho’s men.

“It looks like for the others, to lose is a normal thing and it looks like for us it’s the end of the world. After a bad start that everybody kept telling me is the worst start for about a decade, today I go to bed and look at the table and nobody is in front of us. I’ve been in football for a long time and when results are not good I’m not expecting people to speak well about our team,” said Mourinho.