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  1. before being a porto supporter, i am a mourinho supporter, so by that logic i am also a real madrid supporter, i am being totely honest here i hoppe alba doesn’t turn a diving player, because i like him as a player, that’s all

  2. why you say that? I see that you are a Porto supporter. Did barça play a dirty game vs Porto in uefa supercup? NO

  3. i don’t envy, that’s not it, but seems to me that alba he’s going to turn a dirty player, i would like that not happen, but… whatever

  4. another nice guy and player going to barcelona, now he to be a dirty player and diving to the floor (basicly a cheater), like mascherano did, everybody learns from busquets.

  5. He’s always been a Culé and he’s a home-grown footballer, he already knows how we play.

  6. jordi is catalonia, he ws born in catalonia, raised in catalonia, played in catalonia, is back at catalonia and will now, retire at catlonia…….
    Long live catalonia, visca barca!!!

  7. drogba>? the faggot who was on the ground every 2 seconds? please lol. the biggest cheat in football? lol Terry and Lampard deserved it but Drogba? hahah

  8. スペイン代表初ゴールをEURO2012決勝で決めた凄いクラック!!

  9. Ofc they did, I really respect and even like them, but I agree with the guy, I simply hate defensive football

  10. Has no pride, barca disrespect and release him because of his height than he goes running back like a stray puppy finding its bone…But on subject, Barca are the best team for him, he fits the system

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