21 replies on “Juventus Campione d’Italia 2011- 2012”

  1. hahaha oh you’re so certain of that aren’t you. doesn’t matter though juve won on aggregate..

  2. lol NOO! the ref was helping ac milan this year, as you can tell half of the goals ac milan scored were bullshit penalties

  3. milan won 2-1 when maxi lopez and mesbah scored at , that count as a win and milan should win the game that was 1-1 but you payed the refeere

  4. milan better than juve? hahaha are you fucking stupid are just high? those two teams played each other 4 times this season and juve won 2 and milan won 0. look at the stats you stupid fuck.

  5. get the fuck out of here faggot. im a chelsea fan but there is no other team i respect more than juve. serie A has put them through so much heartache and bullshit yet they come back and go unbeaten all season. don’t come on here saying fuck you to a team who has three of the most respectable players of all time. buffon del piero and pirlo are just incredible to watch even though they are all over 30. milan is trash compared to juve you glory hunting cunt.

  6. Awwwww fuck u man the. on of the best videos i’ve ever seen , i wanna cry
    good job u r a professional dude

  7. WELL DONE MATE!!! Hell of a video!. Any Given fucking SUNDAY!!!!! 30 Scudetti. Forza la GRANDE JUVE!!

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