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  1. si ok…..ma ovviamente ci si riferisce ad un Campionato vinto senza mai perdere…..a voi non è mai successo. addio.

  2. Juventus – the scum of Italian football. Match fixing cheating cunts.  Don’t deserve to even be a club anymore. Once a cheat…always a cheat

  3. If you are a Juventino and live in Southern California- join our Juventus Southern Caifornia Fan Page. FORZA!

  4. Good to see Juventus back at the top! I am an Arsenal diehard fan but I have always admired and respect The Old Lady. Juve is one of the biggest clubs in World Football. A club steeped with history, tradition and culture. Pained me to see u guys got relegated a few seasons back but now, fight for the title all da way! Welcome Back to the Elites of Europe! Next season, we will see you in the Champions League! Champs League is never the same withouth Juventus just like how it is missing Liverpool

  5. Forza Juve Balkan! CS 1.6 Join in 🙂

    Nađite nas na Gametrackeru i našoj Facebook stranici 🙂 ->Counter Strike | Forza Juve Balkan

  6. I feel like we need to buy a striker who can actually finish. we get so many chances, yet so little goals

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