24 replies on “TUNNEL CAM: City 3-2 QPR Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium”

  1. lol the day joey barton cracked up!!! good times!! 🙂 like if u think qpr should sack him

  2. I’m a York City supporter. When Man City were down in the old Div 2 (Div 1) we beat them 2-1, one of their lowest points, but they beat us at Maine Road 4-0 on the last day of that season and relegated us as they went back up. Now Man City went on and won the championship, the season York City were promoted. Funny how that works!

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  4. The final, crucial, deciding match of the season. Also, the conclusion of the who can wear the stupidest headphones in the silliest way contest.

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  6. One of the best ever last few minutes of a league year….absolutely loved it and Im a Liverpool fan…loved the bit where one of the players walked down the tunnel shaking his head and then he sprints back when the crowd roars…pure class

  7. I know,but he was 18 when he signed for us,he was half the player he is now.I never said he was home grown

  8. you’re actually taking credit for rooney?
    you bought him for 25m from everton, he was already a big player then.

  9. Bro ignore that comment it was made from my brother and he supports liverpool. Sorry about that.

  10. United fans calling City fans “gloryhunters” has to be one of the comic ideas of the century.

  11. Van Persie has had one good season? Drogba is out-aged and still can carry a poor attacking Chelsea team to win a CL, a FA Cup, what has Van Persie carried Arsenal to? 3rd place?, Drobga has been with Chelsea and won ALOT of trophies as for Van Persie he has one trophy to his name.. Arsenal got trounced 8-2 by United? Chelsea were not gonna try and go head to head with a far superior Bayern team and chose to park the bus because that was the best tatic available and it paid off.

  12. “Idiotic idiots”. That’s the sort of stuff I come out with after too many sherbets.

  13. Yes cause people are only aloud to support teams you lose games to be not called a glory supporter 🙂

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