23 replies on “Marco Verratti 2012 – Welcome to Juventus – The Next Andrea Pirlo”

  1. E un altro talento italiano se ne va all’estero! Certo che siamo un bel paese di coglioni è?!?! Siamo esterofili in tutto: showgirl, attori, industriali, sportivi……pensa se si fosse chiamato “VERRATTOVICH”….la prima sarebbe stata l’Inter.

  2. PSG hasn’t history, trophies, prestige (Juventus has all this things) but he has a lot of money, and today is the most important thing… BUT NO PROBLEM WE STILL HAVE THE REAL PIRLO!! 😉

  3. Irish fag?? I’m Italian you retard. Italians can live in Ireland, It’s a great place. PSG are still a shite club, and by the way, your English is poor, ya ever hear of CAP locks?? I’m sure you don’t have a girlfriend, a job, a car etc etc,… I’m sure you’re the kinda guy who enjoys wanking his dog. Dirty fuck. Anyways fuck off!! Ya stupid fuck

  4. lmao u fucking irish fag lets talk about ucd afc or bohemians fc those more than shitty club so shut the fuck up paris en force

  5. Paris SG was classed 1 at UEFA in 90’s, win one European Cup, played an other final against Barça. played 4 times (in 4 years) semi-finals of Champion’s league with player legend like Raï, Weah, Ginola….. Pescara hahahahaha be serious guy

  6. se leggete tuttomercatoweb dicono ke il pescara non ha ancora deciso e ke a verratti non ha ancora detto niente su il psg

  7. have pescara beat real madrid 4-1 after losing 3-0 to be qualified?
    have they beat barca 2-0
    have they beat rapid bucarest 5-0 after losing 3-0?

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