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  1. Zubizaretta is a fucking lying ass bitch. He said we couldnt buy Benatia
    and Bayern just bought him for 26M, while we bought injured Vermaelen for
    18M and 30 year old Mathiue for 20M. And if you disagree bring on the hate
    i will prove all your arguments wrong and back it up with legit

  2. I am so excited that douglas is joining barcelona I cant wait to see him
    play with barcelona goodbye dani alves and many fans saying that douglas is
    not good and mathieu too mathieu when he played in preseasons and la liga
    opener he played good I think he is better than pique so give douglas a
    chance haters 

  3. In my opinion, i think Sergio busquets taking #5 is very disrespectful,
    that’s a legends number & busquets is not one. Not even close. They should
    of kept that number & not give it to anyone. Busquets lost all my respect.

  4. No se como se hacen llamar fans del Barcelona si siempre lo están
    criticando, yo sigo a este equipo desde que estaba Rivaldo, siempre
    deberían apoyarlos sin importar que, no se ficho lo que la afición quería
    pero no son malos fichajes, y ya que el Barcelona gane todo van estar de
    hipócritas diciendo que sabían que era buenos fichajes. -.- 

  5. +FC Barcelona Youtube is better than dailymotion. Take care of this
    channel, don’t neglect it!

  6. +JubalBed when we ask for Benatia, AS Roma said that they wont sell him for
    30m, they put him at 60m and thats why we retired

  7. Why do our own fans talk bad about our own team and players? It’s our team!
    The team we love and support, the team we follow each and everyday, the
    team we live for. It’s FC Barcelona! And we should be supporting our
    players no matter what! 

  8. No saben las ganas que tengo de ver a Suarez, Neymar y Messi jugando juntos
    en Liga y Champions. 

  9. ter stegen looks homesick, i don’t think he’ll stay in barca more than one
    season, i hope i’m wrong though…

  10. Benetia to Bayern for 32m.
    Good we didn’t brother to bid, or else we might have ended up with a world
    class defender. Thanks Zubi!

  11. Come, O Come, O Champions Hdjaan..nriedkm that Taudo to the time of the
    coronation trophies and this is what will happen after the inauguration of
    Luis Enrique Barca training and the club manager Bartomao official and
    private relations under contract with Aobein.

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