25 replies on “Alessandro Del Piero – The Last Match in Juventus Stadium”

  1. Del Piero è forse il miglior giocatore della Juventus che abbia mai avuto
    da Paesi Bassi

  2. Grande ALEX !!!! SOS un CRACK ,, TE AMO !!! Gracias pinturikio por pintar las canchas !

  3. gracias alex..he is to me.. the most influencial player..i love del piero..he is the best..i have been a del piero fan since i was 8 years old watching world cup 98…he is my fav..

  4. Grazie CAPITANO….. non sara piu cosi come era prima… 🙁

  5. The world needs more del piero , gerrard , casillas , terry. They dont justplay for the money

  6. @GoldenbanjoDJ he got what he wanted which was to score during his last game. most of the regular starting 11 didnt play the last game since it didnt matter in the end. claudio was inthe stands as well. The time on the field that day was given to younger players.

  7. De niño siempre decía al tirar un penal “Soy Alessandro Del Piero” hoy me doy cuenta que he crecido, que los grandes jugadores se han ido y que nos invade la mercadotecnia! “DEMONIOS” para mi este jugador era uno de los máximos junto con Vieri y El gran Pippo! no cabe duda!! APLAusoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! hasta la fecha aun juego FIFA y juego con la Viecca Signora Di Calcio!

  8. Un ídolo para muchos, se lo merece todo. La historia del fútbol siempre lo recordará xq es un astro


  10. all juventus fans were so lucky that day, down to many years you can tell your grandchildre, I WAS THERE

  11. I remember watching this with my friends… we were like: game? what game? who gives a fuck? Aleeeeex! Last time I cried so much was when Nedved left. I will cry a third time when Buffon leaves, I know. Three legends… I started watching football because of them, and two of them retired now…

  12. Del Piero per sempre!!The one and only ! !
    respect from Olympiakos FC and Greece

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