1. Nobody cares if you play football everyday since you were 6. Anyone can do that. Retard.

  2. dude why diss other countries? i dont like it either but its my fking home country, but i play every day football since i was 6 so dude u can fk off.

  3. loook mate united arnt in 800million debt for nothing. dumb fucker hahahahaha. this means united are poor scruffy cunts who have to lend money btw. if your to stupid to understand.

  4. what the fucking matter where im from? i love football i cant even imagine live without football, i even play it in team.

  5. Just Think:
    it’s a good thing chappy is a sick guy, otherwise he could really easily sabotage the team.

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  7. How are city glory hunters u fucking mong haha most off united fans are plastic wankers

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