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  1. Total football was created by Rinus Michels, adapted by Cruyff, and mastered by Guardiola

  2. I KNOW,I WAS GOING TO DELETE IT BECAUSE I READ YOUR COMMENT AGAIN BUT THEN AGAIN I DON’T KNOW HOW TOO.This is what i get for reading it once.I feel so stupid.Thanks for the clearance even tho you didn’t have too.GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO

  3. Hi Kelvin .. you misunderstood what I was saying .. I said that I will “not” say such people do not love/understand football .. I will understand if football fans do not like/love Barcelona and they support their own team .. but I do not understand the hate directed at Barca and Spain also this summer .. I hope now things are cleared up and best of luck for the next season 🙂

  4. “Frank Riikard was fired and he was replaced by his assister Pep Guardiola and in season 2008-2009 Guardiola’s Era started.”

    Frank Rijkaard was sacked indeed, but not replaced by his assistent.

  5. thanks for this great video.. the last part was full with emotions.. but, somehow at the end it feels like pep was a legend that have leave this world already..haha, no offence! ^^

  6. If you tried to make a story behind those Goals/Skills “Non-Randomized I meant” It would be 10x better for both the viewer and other comp makers to watch 🙂 I just had to add this small detail for you to progress 🙂 Although I liked it 😉

  7. Lad i am really over whelmed every second is beautiful in this Video 🙂

    words cant make compliment this video!!!

    1 word you are a legend Vahan………..

  8. How can you say people don’t love football because they don’t like a team.It’s like saying Italians don’t love Italy because they don’t like its prim minster.EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO THEIR OPINION,ITS FREEDOM OF SPEECH.I don’t hate Barcelona,their not my favorite team but i do admire them

  9. People who do not love Barcelona , I will not say such people do not love/understand football .. There are other styles of playing this game
    But people who hate Barca , I can say for sure that they hate football and they know nothing of this beautiful game ..
    Thanks man for the wonderful upload .. it brought back loads of memories 🙂

  10. Good job! But let me remind you, total football is invented by Rinus Michel not Johan Cruyff!

  11.  .thank you pep for that good job,you make barca dream team.which played fantastic football,i am so sad that you go,,last party is so sad, good job

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