1. ”Revealed your lies” Oh oh, a little police here? And no, you are still wrong 🙂 Actually i started to root for dortmund for over the most simple reasons = Schalke bought Teemu Pukki from my local club and i got pissed at Schalke for taking him from us. Then i thought i will start rooting their rivals, so i started rooting for Dortmund. I watched a couple of games and fell in love with this team. Hope its simple enough for your brain my little police.

  2. u are a Arsenal “fan” trying to write bullshit about dortmund. u are mad because i revealed your lies, arent u?

  3. Stalker much? And yes i used to support for Arsenal but im fucking tired of Wenger and his shit transfer policy. BvB has all my favourite players like = Lewa, Kuba, Piszczek , Götze and Hummels. Only player i like in Arsenal is Laurent Koscielny.

  4. lol yeah of course u are a dortmund supporter thats why u watched and liked and faved all those Arsenal videos u even made a playlist lol STOP calling urself a dortmund supporter! gtfo lol

  5. Im just mad about the ignorance of the singer. We could never compete in ex. barclays premier league.

  6. nope cant be true. no dortmund supporter writes shit like that about the club he supports. Stop calling yourself a dortmund fan u fool

  7. Kommentar mit dem besten Spieler der Saison ?! -> Ganz klar…POLEN 😉
    Was alle 3 gespielt haben, ist der pure Wahnsinn !!!

  8. Nope. Borussia Dortmund fan 😀 Just mad about things the singers dont know shit about.

  9. ”Who the fuck is arsenal” just the team that beated your ass and made one of the goals of the year against your sorry ass.

  10. Neuer Tim Benzko-Song für Hoeness: “Ich muss mal kurz den BVB retten .. Nur noch die Dankmails vom Watzke checken” :-)))

  11. @RoterBaron91 Neidisch auf einen Klub, der International 2 mal in der Gruppenphase kläglich als letzter in schwachen Gruppen rausflog und der 0 deutsche Stammnationalspieler stellt? Ne wieso?

  12. “Auf den Boden der Ttasachen kommen”… – lustig, das täte euch FCB-“Fans” schon lange auch mal verdammt gut.
    Aber stattdessen macht ihr euch durch solche neidigen Kommentare immer weiter lächerlich.

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