22 replies on “Cagliari Vs Juventus 0-2 All Highlights And Goals HD [May.6 2012]”

  1. No offense in any way but why are the goals offside is this fixed or somethin?

  2. You obviously cant understand italian because in it says that it was indeed an own goal, from canini, you can even listen the commentator says cannini after the goal alot.

  3. It funny because the last goal was an own goal, wonder how that could have been offside

  4. check out 1:19, when pirlo made the cross, one of the players from juve was off side

  5. 29 volte con scudetti COMPRATI 🙂 Per il trentesimo, aspettiamo i prossimi anni, quando le indagini diranno la verità. – LADRI

  6. Andate sul mio canale trovate tanti bri video e se vi piaciono iscrivetevi 🙂

  7. siamo noi siamo noi siamo campione d’italia!!!! dont watch my name im full italian this is my lil brothers acc

  8. Antonio Conte Has Been A Revelation For Juventus And For Serie A This Season , With The Phenomenon Juventus Back On Top In Serie A , With The As Roma Project In The Making , With Ac Milan And Inter Milan Building There Teams Again , Plus With Napoli Looking To Become A Strong Team Again , Serie A Is Going To Be Absolutely Brilliant And Very Competive and Strong Once More .

  9. this is the best Year for Juve!!!! so far

    Forza Juve

    Forza Conte!!!

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