22 replies on “TUNNEL CAM: Man City 1-0 Man United Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium”

  1. you’re so obsessed with man city, aren’t you? you must be really hurting right now with jealousy. why are you on loads of city vids? i wouldn’t even think of going on shitty united vids. fans of other clubs coming on to comment on the city vids right now must be so chewed up with jealousy. bitter reds. thanks for the 2 derbys though 😉

  2. i feel sorry for the united players. they probably dont like shit holes.

  3. whatever dude! UNITED is still the better team more success and even without sheik!! shitty bought the title last year thats the truth

  4. United never have and never will be from Manchester. Tak a look at a map of Greater Manchester, Trafford is seperate from us.

  5. Im from Mexico and we have a mexican player in manchester united but i love manchester city.

  6. 4:19
    Kompany: ” Tu vas bien ? ”
    Evra: ” Ouais, la forme”

  7. and i really hate those united fans who laughed at torres miss in Old Trashford 🙁

  8. most of the united fans are glory hunters mate, just saying…
    peace from the london blue 😉

  9. That moment when you realize that chelsea won the CL only because of the 10 defenders, they didn’t play.. they defended, that’s no football, that’s a shitty game, if you see how well barcelona played, you couldn’t believe chelsea won..

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