23 replies on “FC Barcelona – Cesc: “We’re ready for the final””

  1. Andres Iniesta : ‘We want to win this copa del rey, in order to give a nice ending of season for pep guardiola.’

    Nice 😀

  2. He’s a reserve player on the bench?. Don’t make me laugh, just check out all the games he’s played as a starter and how fucking important he has been for Barca this season and how next season he will indeed improve alot more. He might have been the star and the greatest at Arsenal, But now that he is at Barca 3 titles with the option of a 4th in just his 1st year back at his place of birth as a player, Arsenal almost no titles at all.

  3. cesc is good in English wooow he can speak spanish, catalan and english

  4. The thing is he was the star at Arsenal he was the biggest.

    With Barca he’s mostly a reserve player. A player like Cesc doesn’t deserve to be on the bench half of the match IMO.

  5. Cesc will always be both Barca and Gunner, remember he started his career in both youth ranks, but first he started at Barca then left for Arsenal before coming back to his beloved childhood team.

  6. You dont get it, you can cheer for some other club go to their matches and enjoy it, but that dosent change who he really is. Like Neymar now, if he now comes to Barca or somewhere else he will always be from Santos…

  7. Incorrect check his twitter he says it more then enough about him being a gunner.
    He also goes to a lot of matches of Arsenal and he meets up with the Arsenal team a lot.

  8. haha its a press conference, it was a question…and he played for Arsenal right, but that wont change his nationality, culture and what he really is… ;D

  9. 0:19 Arsenal first of course. Cesc will always be a Gooner wether you like it or not! ;D

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