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  1. there 15 years old, they have a lot of develping t do as a player, its ok for all you idiots to say the defending is weak but at the end of the day there at a acadamy and no of you are. all you haters dont no shit about how hard it is to be at a club how hard you have to work

  2. Mate i’m just saying the defending was weak, they weren’t a very good team, don’t get mad.

  3. coz man city is more superior team u immature fag, but the sg under-15 will learn frm the mistake and grow.

  4. i don’t know his name, but i see one game of city and he and the striker are rly awesomes players..

  5. there a good team whys a lot of ppl hating on them and this is from a man utd supporter

  6. His name is Joseph Nuttall , as for his size , i am not sure i know from the commentators since i watch it on TV in singapore

  7. can you please know what is football? I am a singaporean I LOVE SINGAPORE and I must say they suck at defending and I’m 13.

  8. That is quite shite defending but don’t take anything away from these Man City players.

  9. SUCH horrible defending. my goodness!!!! a sign of great things to come for the senior team. hopefully.

  10. Well.. Do you expect the guys from SIngapore to be the best players of their age?
    Sure you’ve seen better so have i, but dont come and tell me they’re shit when they made it to atleast a decent level to play such a quality side as Citys U15s

  11. I played with two little black American kids today that were better at defending than these kids!

  12. Im 17 and from canada and wish i had a chance to go somewhere with footy.

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