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  1. And when the guests of the banquet are gone, come the hideous mice, looking for the left-over bits to fill their empty stomach, and shit silly around. Condemned for life, mice. But you can’t choose. I laugh.

  2. Guardiola has no balls!

    Its so easy when your winning but the moment shit hits the fan, we see your true colors!

    Keep running away with your tail between your legs so no one notices your missing balls ;D

  3. nope..Ronaldo does not come close to Messi.

    actually the second best player on the planet is Mario Gomez and the third best is Robben.

    Ronaldo is 6th best in the world.

  4. agreed. the only player that comes close is obviously ronaldo but he’s a poser and not the team player messi is.

  5. Mario Gomez and Robben combining should have destroyed you long before the 90 minuts were up.

    The best team went through…COME ON BAYERN!!!

  6. Madrid Got beat fair and square!!

    I support Barca and can admit that over the course of the season Madrid have been the betetr team(and this is reflected in the league position).

    But Madrid are not the best team in the world and neither are we. Bayern actually make a strong case for being the best in the world..they have destroyed teams in the CL this year…they beat Real fair and square..AND Madrid had one offside goal and one penalty(thats shouldnt have been given).

  7. Yeah..I support Barca but i’ll admit Madrid have been better THIS season.

    They have been clinical and have finished off teams over the course of the whole season.

    Messi is still the best player in the world though!!..lol

  8. Weak pussy. A good trainer is someone who goes through good and bad days with his team but this is just weak.

  9. Dear @fcbarcelona,
    Fuck Guardiola. Leaving the team after they had a bad season shows cowardice and it’s an insult to the club and the fans. We’re all really grateful for what Pep did, but his departure shows no pride and I take this as “Mourinho won”. Pep lost my respect.
    Barcelona’s truly, random Cule.


  11. They lost the most recent classico. You cannot live in the past. Anyway, singular matches are not important. Madrid are superior because over a full season they have shown to be better. Barcelona are now the 2nd best team in Spain, and that’s a fact – you just cannot argue with that

  12. they dont need plan b, they had chances to score 10 goals against chelsea, who is a total shit team, it was only luck, nothing ells

  13. madrid is not close to barca, they won almost every classico this season, guardiola is by far the best coach, the coaches before him had even better individuals, iniesta,xavi,,deco,etoo,ronaldinho etc. and they werent half as good, even when they won the cl

  14. guardiola made the best team ever, he retired for now, sad…barca will not be as strong without him

  15. But they are the best team in the world they beat u in the camp nou, and they were tired v bayern and they still needed penalties to win! they will win all before them next year! hala madrid!

  16. kick off valdes he fucking blows, he knocked out piqué and let in a disgraceful goal against Madrid
    play Pedro or Alex instead of Cuenca or tello, those two simply aren’t ready, especially in games this big
    start fabregas against marid

    3 simple changes and barca could have had a very different outcome this week

  17. hahahahaaaa i laugh at those real gay team fans … they said something about an eveloution but they lost to bayern munich hahahahaaaaaaa visca barca

  18. Victor Valdes doesn’t deserve to be in the first team squad of Barca.

  19. Yeah the year he inherited a great team, that had won loads of trophies already.. Don’t get me wrong – he is a good coach, but massively overrated! His team were the best but you cannot say that anymore.. Not because of the champions league (because cup competitions rely on luck sometimes), but because over a full season they’ve been inferior to Real Madrid – the only logical conclusion is that Real Madrid are better then them. Barcelona were the best but not anymore

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