1. So we need to get rid of the best defenders for some more mids a strikers? Riiiggghhttt….

  2. بالنسبة للجناح نحتاج غاريث بيل اكثر من نيمار .. اتنمى التقاعد مع بيل ولو 58 مليون و الله يستاهل

  3. we want fcb channel in arabic gulf and in the arabic country ! plz give my like

  4. if anything we need to get new fullbacks, we’re good on the attacking side with our surplus wingers. But we don’t need a high-class finisher like falcao or forlan because a) too much competition for starts b) Messi is good enough c) we should emphasize on youth players more than outside players

  5. hes still 30 . . i think he has a good 3 years before he starts losing his form. Look at drogba he left chelsea at 34 with good form.

  6. sure but not only villa we need another striker to replace him if anything happend

  7. yes sanchez and pedro are not good finishers thats why i think the need a forward because what is when david villa lose his old form or he cant went to his old level then barca must buy a new forward who is good in finishes but i hope that david villa get his old form

  8. barcelona dont need to buy anybody . . maybe a cb for puyol. All they need is villa back. They rely on messi too much and sanchez and pedro are not good finishers.

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