25 replies on “Manchester City Vs QPR 3-2 Paul Merson Reaction on gillette soccer special May 13 2012 [HD]”

  1. So I’ll say this. You’re all talk that’s all you are. Still fighting battles more than a month after its finished. Get over it ya sad act. Move on. You, who is the bitter cunt that can’t let shit go. Calling me names just proves how retarded & all talk you are over the net. Your team got lucky & that’s the facts. You’re just mad Utd fans still laugh it off. So anything you say is just stupid & ya can’t back it up. You’re all talk over the net for a 37 year old. Get with the times cry baby bitch.

  2. God how may times do i have to called you a moron still it sticks in your thick skull you retarded fuck. Its a reaction video i watched a month ago after i saw this i watched other reaction videos the Sky Sports news team are on. Read that again A MONTH ago. I’ve forgotten ago it like every other person. But you come along & call me bitter an angry. He bitch look in the mirror before you call anyone bitter & angry. Ya can’t back your team up or anything i put to you.

  3. 0:40

    The exact time when every Man U fan took a titanic shit in their pants.

  4. What in the name of god are you on? Because I’m 37 I’ve got kids I don’t see? That’s not even an insult it’s just the rambling nonsense of an angry geek.I haven’t been on a single man utd clip,that’s my point. All clips related to citys title win.It’s you bitter non manc rags that keep turning up on these clips not the other way round.You’re an angry bad joke like your stupid picture of you drinking a can of lager would suggest.

  5. Shut the fuck up you cunt. I replied on my phone which i guess inboxed you when i clicked reply. All you’ve done is project your sad life onto me. You say i prowl city vids when in fact it was you thats prowling utd vids looking for internet fights haha you’re 37. Get the fuck over it. Its been over a MONTH & you’re still pissed you don’t get respect hmm i wonder why. You’re still whining like a pussy bitch.I’m laughing at you, ya fuckin joke. Go look after your forgotten kids & stay off YT.

  6. Manc? Oh here we go ANOTHER out of town fan with red mist to get rid of.Now we see why you’re on this clip.An angry red from god knows where,sounding off and giving it the GGMU on a clip of paul merson commentary of CITYS title win? Calm the fuck down you fucking geek,you’re going to steam your specs up.For the record I never trolled you,you inboxed me and I chose to reply on here instead. You’re as sad as all the other fake utd fans spouting garbage on these clips full of rage on your keyboard

  7. You owned nobody you dumb stupid cunt. I destroyed ya with the facts and until your team does what my team does shut your fucking little mouth ya little bitch. I forgot all about this until you tried to troll me (cause only a troll would do what you did) but good to see you manc dummies are still pissed off about & your team won. Hahaha now fuck off you silly child. Oh whats that, you get mad again? shows who got owned here. thanks for the laugh hahahaha GGMU.

  8. Bought? Where did Rooney come from? Young? De Gea? I don’t think you guys were originally complaining when the Glazers ‘invested’ in your club? Please shut up with your idiotic arguments, you obviously haven’t a clue mate!

  9. For the love of god top inboxing me you Irish nitwit, I’m not answering you in private anymore. You come on this clip to feed your rage and you got utterly owned by a manc. Fuck off with your 19 and tell it to a scouser,it doesn’t mean a thing to us. Nice glasses by the way harry o’potter.

  10. If you knew anything about the club you allegedly support,you’d see how ridiculous the notion city “bought” the title sounds.Get on google,read about your clubs’ rise to the top and then we’ll talk.

  11. Well I hope you’re proud to win a title after forty years all because of money.

  12. it doesn’t matter “when” we liked city, it’s the fact we DO like them. United always find an excuse to use against city fans.

  13. Im a Manutd fan and I personally wanted City to win the title I felt they really deserved it with there home form, quality players they bought like Aguero, Balotelli, Kompany and Joe Hart and any team that has an unbeaten record at home wins the Derby twice and make drama deserves all the glory I am United till I die yes and I was happy with our performance this season but Mancity deserved the league and I was happy for them but gutted seeing how we lost it but Mancity well played 😀

  14. @Oddjob1177 How were QPR unprofessional and a disgrace.They were 2-1 up and down to 10 men and were involved in a relegation battle with Bolton. I dont blame QPR for trying to protect their lead not knowing what the score was between Stoke and Bolton. Their Premier League status was on the line .

  15. I came on here because I’m a city fan and I wanted to see Paul Mersons’ reaction to city winning the title.You seem fond of man utd so I suggest to you since you still haven’t answered me, that you came on this clip to vent your frustration at the city fans who’d come to see mersons reaction. That being the case,you must be pretty bitter and obsessed to go trawling youtube for clips related to citys title win.Your reason for being on this clip tells us all what you are, an angry young kid.

  16. Why am i on a clip, em maybe the same reason you’re on this clip. Ever think of that before u wrote something stupid? But let me humor u. I came on here to see the reaction & i replied to morons like u who say “oh Man Utd are finished” & i reply by saying Man City won on goal difference. Am i bitter? please stop trying to say Man Utd fans are bitter we all find it laughable at statements like the ones i reply to. To call me a 24yr old child is funny since i’ve forgotten about this yet u haven’t

  17. why are you even on this clip you fucking bellend? are you a fan of paul merson? or are you an angry bitter rag who’s come here to be controversial? either way it’s you who seems pissed off,or you’d be on a clip that says “man utd win their 20th title” you fucking 24 year old child.

  18. How the fuck can you question an anonymous fans’ loyalty when your sat in fucking CANADA? LMFAO!

  19. Sports Personality of the year - PAUL MERSON. Go on BBC, give him him the gong!

  20. @oddjob1177 the bolton stoke match finished 4 seconds before man city scored…. I doubt they saw the crowd whej they were defending….

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