25 replies on “FC Barcelona – Jordi Alba: “I’m excited to play for the best team in the world””

  1. @dadisajo9 Where’s the joke? I only see the best team in the world but no joke. Madrid may have 9 European cups (rusty cups) but hey have guys ever had 6 trophies in one season? I don’t think so. Wait let me double check .. Nope still haven’t found it??

  2. @millle1007 First of all they say hala Madrid you imbecile. And no i don’t want to hala Madrid. It’s Visca Barcelona!!

  3. They are speaking CATALA (Catalan), native to the Catalonia region and not Spanish (Castellano). Even for spanish speakers it is not as obvious as one would think, it is actually closer to southern french than to spanish. VISCA BARCELONA!

  4. i’m sorry but that was SUCH a stupid comment. I know both spanish and english but i am typing in english because most of the people understand it in the comments…we want to hear the players speak naturally and just have the subtitles at the bottom for non spanish speakers to understand. dont make assumptions like those, if he is asking for spanish, he must know spanish

  5. @cristianaviles2012 Jesus navas only knows how to cross with his right-foot, he should go to EPL

  6. But they are speaking in spanish, and I don’t think you speak spanish, because you are writing in english, I do speak english and spanish, and if I was you I would rather want to hear english…

  7. Im glad we got Alba better selection then Bale and im not just saying that cause we didn’t get him perfect choice welcome Alba

  8. Vamos! All we need now is one more tall strong CB and we’re good for new season.

  9. Jordi alba + Dani Alves on the flanks… VISCA el barca I can’t wait for next season!!!!

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