22 replies on “Borussia Dortmund Emotions 2010-2012 | Again Champion 2012 ?”

  1. How about more recently, where we beat your asses 5-2 in the Bundesliga finals?

  2. Dortmund got last place in their group and they didn’t won the CL … Bayern even don’t won the CL,so,whats the difference now?

  3. That’s the same bullshit you bayern “supporters” are talking for 2 years now.. laaaame..

  4. utd players dont dive, only one player that i admit that does dive in our at team is ashley young, he learnt and has dived at all previous clubs he played for. utd did not teach him that, his previous teams did.

  5. “Das war eine große Enttäuschung für mich/ That was a big disappointment for me.”

  6. lol so wat? tht was 97 lol dont live in the past hahaha u guys got last place in ur group lol….watch i gurantee u tht bayern wit come back looking for revenge in the bundesliga n dfb cup n champions league and we will win all 3!!

  7. how many dives manu made this season ? how many disputed penalties they got?
    who the fuck are man united when the reds go marchin on

  8. Im a Manchester United fan and i just wanted to say to all dortmund fans good luck next season and thanks you for letting us have Kagawa are new number 7 which is a very lucky number for us at Utd 🙂

  9. Champions League winners 1997 😉 … and… the cup final … how was it ? … RIGHT ! 5:2 , Fucker 😀

  10. fuck dortmund!! bayern for life. we will win the bundesliga next season and beat dortmund and complete a treble. dortmund will never ever make it to a champions league final

  11. Kagawa will leave, hopefully Lewandowski will stay..Marco Reus is a great addition to the squad…however if everything falls apart and this amazing 2 years cones to an end,it has been great…BVB die besten manschaft in Deutschland !!!

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