21 replies on “FC Barcelona – Jordi Alba, presentat: “Creia en mi””

  1. barca picked the most suitable player for their current squad , Alba will surely give some significant assistance to the team , His performance in the Euro 12 wasn’t unrecognized at all.

  2. Not, he’s from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Jordi’s father is from Andalusia…

  3. His catalan is a little “catanyol” in my opinion… Maybe because their parents are not from Catalonia…

  4. He really can’t, his way of speaking is pretty bad. He doesn’t speak català as a 1st language.

  5. nos is not, he is catalan, he is from hospitalet de llobregat, the same from of victor valdés and he is catalan

  6. he si from andalucia, he learned to speak catalan when he played in barcelona school ;D

  7. puff tios con lo q mola el Castellano….!
    ya es ganas de aprenderse otro idioma prefiero q hable en ingles le entenderia mejor…

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