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  1. بصراحة كرة القدم مع بيرلو “فَـ ـن ” .. لاعب انيق في لعبه ياحظ اليوڤي فيه..اللي معي لايك خلو التعليق العربي فوق 🙂

  2. Amazing video for an amazing player … unfortunately he didint win with italy againts spain 🙁

  3. Does Milan fans hate him because he went from their club to Juventus?

  4. @MultiCampioni pirlo es muy bueno,no lo discuto pero es que lo comparas con el cerebro de un equipo que ha ganado tres champions,dos euros y un mundial…..la clase de xavi es inigualable. con respecto a lo del balon de oro…….no creo q lo merezca mas q xavi o iker casillas. dos jugadores que han ganado todo siendo vitales y nunca les dieron el balon de oro…..y cannavaro lo tiene….buff

  5. En el campo se va a 11 .. Messi no perdió la Copa América? ¿Crees que si Xavi fue lugar de Pirlo en Italia habría ganado? Pirlo es el mejor a pesar de que ha perdido, es la luz de su equipo. Pirlo se merece el Balón de Oro desde 2003, pero al ser un héroe en silencio su clase no se entiende totalmente.

  6. Pirlo had always had such amazing passes !
    He really isn’t recognized enough & he is respected so much by all his Italian teammates

  7. Really? Yes he did give away some balls but compared to the masterpieces he did throughout the season I feel they are nothing. We shall see his credentials next season my fellow juventino when Juventus embrace the Champions League

  8. without a doubt scholes is a legendary midfielder – i forgot that he pulled out of retirement because i was trying to mention current midfielders not retired ones and for a moment I thought he was retired.

    Lampard is the highest scoring midfielder in the premier league, he has shown time and time again that he is world class
    Gerrard has shown without a doubt just what a great midfielder he is when he practically carried a liverpool side lacking quality of the past on his shoulders

  9. ¿alguien vio a pirlo hoy? LECCION DE XAVI. campeon de la eurocopa de nuevo. Pirlo llorando….Xavi celebrando….¿de verdad seguis con dudas de que Xavi es mejor que Pirlo?

  10. there was no 1996 world cup, the was a 1994 world cup and a 1998 world cup

  11. I don’t know where people were for the past 10+ years. Pirlo has always been class. Have you guys not seen World Cup 1996

  12. Pirlo is a great playmaker but i definitely don’t always feel safe with the ball at his feet. I don’t know how many times he has given the ball away in dangerous areas this season for Juve. Definitely a liability as the deeplying playmaker. Also I agree Scholes is far and away above Lampard.

  13. UNDERRATED! Pirlo is the best playmaker ever. Can’t belive he wasn’t even named top 3 in the world!

  14. leaving Scholes out of that list is an insult to football. Lampard, Gerrard, seriously?

  15. Pirlo, Lampard, Gerrard, Iniesta, Xavi send shivers down my spine - they are absolute legends. This season the ever humble Pirlo showed the world that he is world class – if it weren’t for the euros only Juventus and Calcio Fans would know what a legend he is.

    To me whenever he touches the ball I take a breath of relieve as I know it’s safe in his feet – legendary status!

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