15 replies on “FC Barcelona – L’Hospitalet vibra amb Jordi Alba”

  1. Gran fichaje el del Bar├ža, y no es pq sea de la misma ciudad q yo ­čśë Por cierto, este bar esta debajo de mi casa … me ha echo ilusi├│n verlo (´╗┐ tonteria como otra cualquiera … ).

  2. oooo my bad i just read your comment´╗┐ again i understand now . The other guy pissed me off.

  3. Jordi Alba es un jugador grande y muy bien addicion al´╗┐ equipo Barcelona. Visca Barca!

  4. They tend to make their videos with english speech too. Look at the profile at you will see many videos´╗┐ where they have included a english translation.

  5. Actually Latin was the´╗┐ first know language…Stay in school kid. Thats why there only three countries that has it as a main language Canada, United States, England. Try to speak english to a catalan I’m sure they will understand lol

  6. yes because it’s the fisrt language in the world that’s why can´╗┐ everybody understand it so easly

  7. your telling a Catalan/Spanish´╗┐ club to speak English……………..

  8. Welcome to the Best´╗┐ club in the´╗┐ world, Welcome to BARCA!!!

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