15 replies on “FC Barcelona – L’Hospitalet vibra amb Jordi Alba”

  1. Gran fichaje el del Barça, y no es pq sea de la misma ciudad q yo 😉 Por cierto, este bar esta debajo de mi casa … me ha echo ilusión verlo ( tonteria como otra cualquiera … ).

  2. oooo my bad i just read your comment again i understand now . The other guy pissed me off.

  3. Jordi Alba es un jugador grande y muy bien addicion al equipo Barcelona. Visca Barca!

  4. They tend to make their videos with english speech too. Look at the profile at you will see many videos where they have included a english translation.

  5. Actually Latin was the first know language…Stay in school kid. Thats why there only three countries that has it as a main language Canada, United States, England. Try to speak english to a catalan I’m sure they will understand lol

  6. yes because it’s the fisrt language in the world that’s why can everybody understand it so easly

  7. your telling a Catalan/Spanish club to speak English……………..

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