25 replies on “FC Barcelona vs Villarreal – All Goals 01-02-2015 (HD/HFR)”

  1. The match was good. One really key thing missing here is the one and only
    Ray Hudson the great!

  2. how come nobody cares about that long pass at 5:19 by Messi right before
    his goal to Neymar , I can’t stop watching it ,a truly remarkable pass.

  3. The third goal was simply brilliant, Messi from the midline to Alba, Alba
    to the center, Neymar lets it through to Suarez who draws 4 defenders on
    him only to brilliantly pass it to Messi again, and the finish is perfect.

  4. The only thing we missed was a Ray Hudson orgasm on Lio’s game winner. That
    would have been epic…MAGISTERIAL LIO!

  5. Thx again Iera!! You are amazing. I watch every Barca game live and then
    wait for your highlights 🙂 Greetings from Finland

  6. Nice video! Very brilliant goal for Messi and Rafinha did a pretty good
    follow up in there on the contrary Pique wasn’t doing well on this game and
    their defense is kinda weak. 

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