High Expectations for William Saliba in Arsenal

Arsenal made a desperate attempt to get a player in the center-back position for their team during the transfer window in summer. The situation was ideal for them to sign a defender who has shown world class play earlier for improving their defensive side. But something of this sort did not happen. Instead of taking up an established and renowned player with a huge fee, they chose to sign up youngsters to challenge their rivals before the development of a level away from reputation and price range.  As a result of this, William Saliba agreed to the terms and signed with Arsenal.

He has been viewed as one of the young and talented players on the defensive side regarding world football. Last season, he got a chance into the first football team. Though, he has had the less senior experience, still, he was highly hyped during the course of European football. Currently, William is spending the year on loan. But huge expectations are on him by the team when he makes his return to Arsenal in the coming summer. They took the risk earlier because they thought that he might become an expensive and worthy player next summer for Arsenal to make the signing worthwhile.

A deal was made by St. Etienne that they will not sell Saliba until his contract includes a clause that he would return to the club of France on loan to play for another season. Earlier, Arsenal did not accept the suggestion and wanted to use him from the moment they got him signed. But it was made clear later that the clause was non-negotiable and had to agree to it. According to this, William is stated to arrive until the coming summer in north London and expectations are quite high for him and how he plays for Arsenal.