25 replies on “Inside City THE RUSHES Ep 08 – Access all areas Carrington – HD”

  1. Who are you to tell me what I have to do, It´s my opinion, if you don´t like it, ignore it.

  2. Show the stadium what’s there to show… They can’t record anything new due to the season ending, Stop being so ungrateful.

  3. sean wright should have just stayed at manchester because even when he signs for qpr, he spends pretty all his time with city players.

  4. he is back? season long loan at espanyol means hes back at the end of the season

  5. why stop? I haven’t watched these… I really hate though that there is so much more stuff on the main site, and here on youtube it lacks highlights, goals and so much more..

  6. This is why City is an amazing club. What other club do you know of that gives you this kind of material behind the scenes, makes you feel this connected to the players? Its like no other, this is why we love CITY!

  7. Hold the front page: Roque Santa Cruz on a physio table at 6:10. What a surprise!

  8. They’re doing it because the Euros are on… they’re keeping the viewers interested at least…

  9. Stop uploading old vids, I want to see new vids. If you haven´t anything to record, show the stadium, i don´t know, but stop with this!

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