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  1. juventus won its last title in 2005/2006 not in 2002/2003 try to remember what’s real history

  2. Yeah!! Wooo… let’s all celebrate Juventus buying another title… lol sad retard you’re seriously celebrating your team winning the league via match fixing… AGAIN!?!

  3. Juventus will dominate the Italian market and the Serie A for next 5 years. With Antonio Conte and with the new stadium it’s opened a winning cycle.

    Marotta has already bought Isla and Asamoah, now we need only two defenders and a top player in attack.

    Leali (next Buffon), Pogba (next Vieira), Verratti (next Pirlo), Giovinco (next juventus capitain) Are almost all our player 😉

  4. Domineremo nei prossimi 5 anni, certo non in champions, ma in campionato e nel mercato italiano.

    Lo stadio rende molto economicamente (e influenza in positivo le nostre partite)

    E inoltre Marotta gia co ha fatto due bei regalini 😉 Isla e Asamoah (a breve pure Giovinco). Insomma, manca un difensore (possibilmente due) e un top player in attacco e siamo ok 😉

    Leali, Pogba, Verratti, tutti nostri.

  5. I had to shut off the video after I heard that bullshit in the beginning…its the 30th Scudetto.

  6. to add. You mostly showed the draws…why?! i mean thill minute 8:29 it s almost all about juve drawing..

  7. you abslutly rock but not speaking about the milan 2-0 victory or the inter away victory…meehthe video is incomplete.

  8. I was thinking about doing something like that. I may do a top 10 plays of the season as well. Thanks for the comment!

  9. great video. you should expand on this now that they won. It would be nice to see the wins on milan and inter in the first half of the season and the win on roma in the second half.

  10. Call it #28 or call it #30, but this one belongs to i bianconeri!!! Great job guys, let’s see some ADP in the last game!

  11. Lets hope Juve hold on for the next 3 games and finish off this title run!

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