25 replies on “Borussia Dortmund vs Arsenal Atmosphere Stimmung Champions League Part 2-2”

  1. Junge wenn du versuchst dich zu rechtfertigen ist schon was schief gelaufen!
    NUR DER BVB!!!!!!!

  2. Ja was? Diese ganzen Hurensöhne, die nur auf dem Arsch sitzen und ihr Maul nicht auf Bringen, die haben doch alle kein Interesse an unserem Verein. Wir im Unterrang der SK Schreien in jedem Spiel 90/120 min. durch!

  3. GEEEEIIIILL.. diese aussage!!!!!!!! kann nicht mehr..!! endlich siehste es ein!!!!!!!
    NUR DER BVB xD xD xD xD Bayern-Pack!!!!!!!!!

  4. This video is excellent. I say this just after having read an article about Dortmund’s rise from the ashes in English publication The Blizzard, and as an Arsenal fan who really enjoyed your performance in this game and wanted you to progress from the group because of it. Remember thinking at the time your fans were absolutely fantastic, looking forward to having you in the Champions League again, oh and congrats on what looks like consecutive titles! Dortmund, you are endearing yourself to me.

  5. Hi Kumpels. Would like to say congratulations on nearly winning the Bundesliga even though I,ve been abused by Dortmund fans on other videos on here for no reason, especially by some guy called Jens. Just said how great their fans were. Because of these people I didn’t really want Dortmund to win anything but I admire your team anyway.

  6. @peterpale006: I find The upper part of the lower Clock End (mainly the family enclosure) does have the second best atmosphere in the game (after the north bank) on midweek games so maybe you’re just trapped in a pocket of plastics?

  7. Respect from an Anderlecht supporter from Belgium, really you are such great fans! always behind your team and that’s how it should be!!!!

  8. maybe arsenal should sack wenger and use the money to pay dortmunds fans to support them. just an idea.

  9. Yeah,gotta give it to you, If only we were half as loud in the emirates! We need a sort of leader in the stands.someone to push the rest to sing! I sing, I raise my hands and everything but then the people next to me quite see me as a bit of a cunt,but I don’t care I still do it! but I realise I’m one of the few singing a chant along with the south part of the Stadium (behind the goal) which is where you hear that the chants are coming from, And the stewards at the emirates don’t make it easier.

  10. Es war nur eine Schade, dass ihr scheiß geleistet habt und wieder weg von der Königsklasse seid!

  11. You mean how many people came to this game? If this is your question : 65.950!

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