25 replies on “KICKTV Films Presents: FC Barcelona Confidential”

  1. Did i ever mention the best player was from Spain you ignorant fool. I said their academy and Messi either way is from their academy.

  2. im a barca fan but i wish we had this la liga back, much more competitive and entertaining

  3. Wow. How the mighty has fallen, to think that Deportivo and Villareal got relegated

  4. I personally think that Joan Laporta did a lot to FC Barcelona he brought many of the greatest soccer players there could be at that time but now Sandro Rossel hasn’t done that much, I expect and expected more…

  5. It’s so awkward watching this now in 2012 when now Sandro Rosell and LaPorta are at constant war

  6. This is a prime example of how a philosophy was placed and everyone followed it, with no interference of personal Ideas…Cruyff equals legend!

  7. I have watched the whole movie and I must say its good. A lot of things you can learned from this video. 😀

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