25 replies on “Manchester City 3-2 QPR – The Premier Leagues Most Amazing Moment Ever”

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  2. You get this kinda stuff all the time when you watch sports leagues with playoff systems in place. I think soccer misses out on a lot. There should be more moments like this not just in the EPL but across the world.

  3. I love United, but this was an amazing moment. sends chills down my spine. Respect to City

  4. I love this video because of the music at the end just after dzeko’s goal

  5. I am a united fan, and seeing that goal go in was so painful but my god what a phenomenal moment in football! Fair play to city to a deserved win

  6. I’m a United fan and I’ll probably get so much hate for this but now that we have our title back I can fully appreciate the events of that day. By far, the most dramatic finish to the league ever and well…fair play city for what you achieved that day

  7. I think the reason everyone loves this is because no one wanted to see United win it again.

  8. balotelli had one fucking assist in his time in premier league, and thats the most important one in city history

  9. This is without a doubt the best moment ever to happen in the premier league, i may be a leeds fan but respect to man city my fav premier league team gives me goosebumps just watching this

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