25 replies on “Manchester City Wins the Premier League Title. Everyone Goes Nuts.”

  1. Organic growth? Like de gea,fabio,rafael,nani,park,valencia,evra,vidic,hernandez,rooney,ferdinand,etc,etc? homegrown players like those? United have proven that money DOES buy longevity at the top.Unfortunately now you don’t have any money and your manager is a decrepit old alcoholic who should have quit at the top a couple of seasons ago.United are finished get used to it son.

  2. Ive seen this video 25 times and ive cried every single time. I love city.

  3. I’m a Fierce Chelsea fan, and exceptionally i comment on rivals success but to me this was the sickest game ever, still enjoy watching the highlights of this game and the way City won it, lots of respect for the players, manager and backroom staff for the way they handled this and happy for the fans too they had a tiring season and fully deserve it .good luck for next season

  4. Wow… I have been watching cities progress since Robinho’s signing back in 2008… I knew this club would amount to a lot of great things… I guess “MONEY” does buy Happiness…. TROLOL!

  5. I can totally empathize with Manchester City fans as a Red Son fan. When the Red Sox finally won the World Series in 2004 (after 86 years without doing so), and going through the hated Yankees (Major League Baseball’s equivalent of Manchester United) on the way, the reaction in Boston was very much like the reaction of the Man City fans. And with the Premier League Trophy on the ‘other’ side of Manchester and the European Cup in London, I’d say it was quite a season for the Premier League…

  6. half the people celebrating are city fans. the other half just plain hate united.

  7. As a neutral fan i can say i have NEVER celebrated a goal more. when city scored that goal it perfected the greatest season of all time not to mention gave united a taste of their bitter medicine! so brilliant to see city grab the title in fergie time – made it so so sweet

  8. I will never forget this day, and i’m not even a City fan
    Well done City!!!

  9. no but just goes to show money willl NEVER in the long term beat the organic growth of footballers in a club or a master trainer -united decimated with injuries and ye still only won on GD – ye aint winnin shit next season mark my words

  10. If you were like them true manchester city fans then you probibly would be like them

  11. Even though I follow La Liga, I have to give a shout out of respect to Manchester City for holding their nerve and persevering under such circumstances. Victory thoroughly deserved!

  12. this reminds me of the ending in the norwegian title 05-06 season.

    3 goals in stoppage time to win the title for Rosenborg xD

  13. right. im a liverpool. fan. and i get chills down my spine. WHAT A WAY TO WIN THE TITTLE. give city all the credit, the fought all the way till the end and what else can you say… but well deserved victory to city. Best final day of the season you will ever witness :) well done manchester city!!

  14. I mean I would be glad that they won, but i wouldn’t be hysterical. Screaming and crying…

  15. I’m not a city fan. I’m even that big a football fan. But this day was fucking incredible <3

  16. You all b waitin 44 years buy all the fucks u want u all b waiting 44 years city fucks

  17. who do you think you are? Mr. Football is too much. These people stuck with their team for a long time and they love their team so they are excited!

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