25 replies on “Michael Bradley vs. Juventus”

  1. welcome to roma.. he’s not fancy, but he’s effective. Fancy doesn’t always count, look what fancy did to ricardo quaresma.

  2. Este chico no es para nada un buen futbolista. Si así lo fuera, jugaría en España, que es el epicntro del juego. Un perdedor nato. Ssludos desde España.

  3. Problem with these videos is someone who blos him made it n never show mistakes USA will never win anything major in the men’s major competitions stick to MIA ham or whoever

  4. His style, movement and work rate remind me of De Rossi. Have been a fan of his since world cup 2010.

  5. Michael Bradley is just a player. He works his balls off, he rarely makes mistakes. Just a solid player. 

  6. Bradley has always been a good tackler and dribbler but his passing has improved to a very high level in the last 3 years.

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