Mourinho should be given time

Former Manchester United defender, Rafael da Silva, believes that the new manager Jose Mourinho should be given a chance to change things around.

Many pundits have been criticizing Mourinho for the poor run of form in recent weeks as Manchester United failed to win matches.

Rafael da Silva believes that the manager should be given more time to build his team. He said that the manager just arrived and that he has made many signings in the transfer window. He should be given a chance to build his team and some players take longer to adapt to life in the Premier League. The defender believes that the Premier League is now quite strong as different teams can win the trophies.

Rafael da Silva believes that team such as Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs are quite strong as they have a team that has been playing together for quite some time now. He believes that it will take some time before Jose Mourinho builds a team that can challenge the more established Premier League sides. He has urged fans to give the Portuguese manager some time before criticizing him.

Rafael da Silva believes that Manchester United has the right manager at the moment and that it is no use changing. The only thing that Mourinho needs is time. He said that there is a tendency in the modern game to change manager whenever result is not going their way, but he believes that this is not the right thing to do.

Rafael da Silva was also against the sacking of Louis van Gaal as he believes that the Dutch manager should have been given more time to build his team. He believes that the Manchester United board was too quick in changing manager and apparently he does not want the same thing happening with Jose Mourinho.