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  1. funny fair play rule is gonna affect man city more because the club dont have as much money as utd do

  2. stfu. You spent 500 million and finished level on points with a team in debt. Not to mention that man united had 39 injuries over the course of the season! (a record amount of injuries in a single epl season) keep telling yourself we’re in decline. We will be back for the premier league trophy next year and when we win it back off of you it will be sooo sweet.

  3. I didn’t forget them, I just didn’t count them, because this video should only show all goals he made in the Bundesliga – scenes from the championsleague/europaleague can be removed from YouTube very fast by the UEFA, so I just left them out 😉

  4. shut up u dumb cunt we took 1 of ur best players an look we cud be takin lewandowski aswel, ur clubs crumblin m8 hahaahhaha,, united!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. United out of date what fuckin planet u from united have most fans in the world so Yh they look out of date Der kagawa will be better at united he playing with world class players so go suck man citys Dick united for life

  6. I will ask you one more time, are you joking or just outright stupid?

  7. The number 7 shirt worn by the greats like – G.Best, Cantona, Becks, and Ronaldo awaits you sir. Come and show the Premier League what you’re all about.

    Welcome to Manchester United my son.

    Red Army

  8. I really could not care less what you think you fool .I can`t stand when trainers comming and buy and destroy a great team like Dortmund .like scavengers trying to lure players into clubs run by false economy .I hope the fair play rule comes soon and half of the premier ship teams are gone dead and buried. Kagawa made a mistake by joining a declining club like Man U even basel beat them and see what Bayern did to them .Man U is out of date thats is .there is only 1 team progressing in the UK .MC

  9. You love your team, I can understand and respect that, but they are not even on the same planet as United. United = most supported and loved team in the world.

    Borussia honours = 17
    Man Utd honours = 40

    Quote from Guardian: “Manchester United ‘most popular team in world’ with 659 million fans”

  10. For me Borussia is bigger,better,much more prospective to win anything than Man U for me dortmund is exiting and there play better football than , Man U ever did .Kagaw makes the same dreadfull mistake than sahin he joined madrid from dortmund and here we go never played stupid andmore stupid and Man U is out of date there never win the premier title again as long the sheiks are commited to Man city thats it simply as that .

  11. You cant blame them wanting to join the biggest team in the world. 😉

  12. Ich lebe in schottland seid 2007 bin mein ganzes leben 1Fc Koeln fan (ich weiss schoen dof ) aber wenn ich jeden Tag in der press lese das dieser alte Sack Ferguson jeden Tag einen anderen Dortmunder kaufen moechte bekomme ich eine sau dicken hals !!! meine guete ihr bezahlt doch auch gute Kohle 1 ,sahin weg,Kagawa ManU. lewandowski Man U? Humels Man U ..der Hurensohn will die ganze mannschaft weg kaufen weil er mit seinem Man U nix mehr reist .ihr seit der FC Barcelona von Morgen .

  13. ja Europa-League (+Qualifikation) und Champions-League hab ich jetzt mal außen vor gelassen 😉

  14. geiles video. und das waren netmal alle tore 🙂 gegen quarabag agdam hat er 2 gemacht zB

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