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  1. Wilshere? Ferdinand? lol we produced some good players though like Welbeck, Clevz, Brown, Evans, Fletcher, Simpson, Scholes, Giggs, P.Neville, G.Neville, Cambpell, Beckham, Butt and many more…

  2. well, if i shall extrapolate the “damage” of clueless managers etc. waht would i judge then? the real strength? is the motherland of football full of clueless managers whilst the highest professionality is said to be there? arsenal dominate BVB? took some seconds and the ball was stolen, like italy vs england. we play highest pressing a tad more than barcelona. so u donno the bvb style, but its ok. todays injuries are at fault that in last 10 years ENG lacked a loat gainst GER? cmon 😉

  3. i am a united supporter but wilshere is from arsenal and Ferdinand played for west ham and leeds before he played for united so i dont think we can take much of the credit for producing him from a youngster

  4. also dont forget Wilshere and Cleverley either. Not to mention Ferdinand, whom I regard as the best defender of his generation. Manchester Utd have a great history producing talwnt too. they are far from City and Chelsea in that regard.

  5. yep, it’s true. The Premierships 6th best team defeated Germany’s 2nd best team. PLease do not base your judgement on English players based on the clueless tactics and team selection of previous England managers either. The two best midfielders in the country in Scholes and Carrick were missing don’t forget. Scholes is an elite level player, Pirlo isn’t fit to lace his boots. Didn’t Arsenal totally dominate BVB by the way? I remember BVB scraping an undeserved point at home.

  6. oh and all this is finananced by investors taht desperatedly buy absolute high class players. BVBs pressing is renown, arsenal couldnt stand a chance. yet our team of 2nd league players was able to quite dominate arsenal. arsenal could NOT get any control of the ball. dont they have emirates as an investeor? and city put millions into new players. taht should make a gap of 20%.but the teams are equal. its quite sad. and i think you are not supporting investors.you would rather like real football

  7. i think the gap between the top teams is there. that means 60% win for manchester against bvb. but facts: bayern was so much better than chelsea. yet (like robben) the cluelessness at the goal totally failed. i dont think city could outclass BVB.maybe get on par.– the english national team is a whole class below germany, currently we have 15wins in a row. all time uefa record (so PL needs many foreigners). the lowest german teams are stronger than PL teams.PL averagely a bit more strength maybe

  8. I knew of BVB attendance but that doesn’t mean United cant do better. You forget that United have enquired to extend the ground capacity to 100 thousand for years now but due to the housing and rail tracks it has been very difficult to push through. Had United had there way attendances would have been way beyond 80,000 long, long ago. But 75 is nothing to be ashamed of. And while your league is more competitive it would most certainly get outclassed in a team for team battle with the Premiership

  9. めっちゃ酔っ払ってる(_)

  10. –> … in the high competition, where clubs from championsleague were about to drop a league, the BVB has made a major effort. Boys from Japan (Kagawa), players from only Belgian league are forming a team that hasnt lost for 27 matches. quite an all time record. And 81 points = all time record this year. the unity is these years exceptional since 40 years. maybe 60years …. thats what i meant: mainly the international glory of ManU is it. BVB has a 5 000 higher attendance. but u didnt know.

  11. My problem with the premier league is, that despite the extreme high attention throughout the world, regarding the PL as league #1, ahead of spain, because they have “only” 2 world teams, the PL is not to be seen as high as it is. The Bundesliga shall be much closer. The B. lacks major players though. Still they (we) had most players in WC2010. and 2008 i think as well. in addition our competition is MUCH closer.9 teams can be champion, 15 teams can go to 2nd league. ….->

  12. The unity at Man United is as good as it gets. The team, the players and the staff are treated as equals, the Manager runs the club with dignity and tradition. Manchester United has the highest attendance in England and sells out pretty much every game. The atmosphere has been lacking in recent years(mainly due to spoiled fans expecting perfection) but on big European nights it is usually great. Manchester United are approaching an incredible moment, very much like 2006. 600 million fans too.

  13. Such a great player transfering to a shit club… damn you Manchester United

  14. missucceess relatively compared to Borussia. Consider what the team makes up and what (MANY) other teams make up. i think you dunno the BVB story 😉

    oh who leads the european attenders average? (maybe u will understand what i mean or already did)

  15. 2nd place only on goal differnce is hardly a missuccess. Theyve won it so many dam times ppl think its a failure now.

    CL on the other hand…

  16. 香川は、ドルトムントで活躍してから垢抜けて格好よくなりましたね…。

  17. i hope he will be succeessful there, because apart from his childhood dream, there was barely a football club in germany in the past 5 years with such utter care, unity and love. let alone Premier league, where the spread is so high. the lack of team MU unition shows the missuccess of this year. also the low figure of spectators show lack of enthusiasm. i hope shinjis love wont drain. what ever happens, he will miss the team spirit and love. but he substituted that for his personal likings. GL!

  18. 呂律が回ってねーー〜!

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