25 replies on “FC Barcelona AMAZING Tiki-Taka Skills in Training”

  1. I agree with you. If human beings were normal, it would be impossible for anyone to criticize the FC Barcelona. Speaking of football, has never seen a team so impressive.

  2. barcelona do dive a little more than other clubs and surround the ref more. It comes to life in matches against Real Madrid where it seems to be a contest with who can win more false free kicks. There really is no doubting how good they are though. That briber thing was incredibly amusing though. It’d be interesting to see who he supports

  3. from the start of the season pep said he might leave, he left to take some time out, being the manger a football club is not like playing fifa. my bets is you come home from school/work and complain about being tired or run down, try managing a football club like barca and see after a number of years if you just don’t want a break. had nothing to do with Chelsea.

  4. No offence mate but I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about, I see Chelsea every week during the season and like every other team..they defend and attack. Don’t really think you can judge Chelsea under AVB. I could rip holes in your current team Barca..They as a team used to keep the ball to try and score as much as they could, now it seems they keep the ball just to stop the other team scoring, bit negative and can get quite boring.

  5. oh and did you remember 2009 when Barca scored in the last minute and Chelsea should have had 5-6 penalties. But yeah i dont think you even knew about that because you’re a plastic Barcelona glory hunter!!!

  6. HAHA! you can’t win the CL with luck! XD. And playing defensive was the plan of winning it. People like you really makes me laugh because you have no clue what youre talking about.

  7. haha people like you amuse me. any concrete evidence that barcelona bribes? sure they dive. but guess who else does it….everyone. just because barca have been dominating these past few years, haters/supporters of other clubs are pouncing on this opportunity to defame them and use it as an excuse for their club not being able to achieve what barca has. sad that you dont know youre being an ignorant hypocrite. stupid hating bitch.

  8. STFU u chelsh!t eating imbecile! Clearly u ain’t got any clue about football.

  9. Whenever they tried the play good football like under AVB, they didn’t do well and had no patience. So they went back to their “basics” and started parking the bus again which had always been their trademark.

  10. I’m not a Chelsea fan but I know they don’t ‘always’ play negative football, just watch any league game..as for parking the bus in the CL, that’s called a tactic and was the only way they were going to beat barca. It’s a pity certain people don’t see the quality and unity it takes to keep a clean sheet.

  11. Fact? You can tell you are a uefalona fan. How about the FACT that uefalona players dive, fake injuries and cries out the the ref like little bitches. How about that little Iniesta cunt who ALWAYS falls as soon as someone touches him. How about bosquets falling, preteding he’s hurt. How about all the people hating uefalona because they are cheaters and bribers? As soon as uefalona lost against Chelsea in CL, the queens of pride Pep’ resigned.

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