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  1. as far as i know dortmund hasn’t played any rule in the last years,although they were also winner of the championship 2011

  2. This ain’t a trailer for the season 2012-2013…

    But Dede’s Interview nearly made me cry! So what the hell !!!

  3. Das Video ist mal der Hammer…
    ABER,das er “Szenen” aus der vorletzten Saison nimmt,finde ich echt arm :(

  4. Compare that to La Liga, 30 points. There will be new champions, Tottenham’s early form was astounding, and Arsenal’s late form was. Chelsea are having a revival, Liverpool have a new manager, and players coming into form. I don’t think City will retain the title. If they do it will be another hard fought victory.

  5. both manchesters had almost 20 points more than the third lol? there won’t be any new champion in the PL except the both manchesters …

  6. Yeah, we can have several teams that could become Champions, the 2 Manchesters, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool. And if you want comebacks, look no further than Liverpool 2005, and Man Utd 1999. 2 goals in stoppage time, and the trophy had Bayern ribbons attached to it! Last time I checked, Man Utd and Liverpool aren’t owned by rich corporations. They worked for they money, now they have it. One does not simply fluke their way to 12 Premier Leagues or 5 Champions Leagues.

  7. Sorry, but you are wrong in many ways!
    1. Search the story and videos about Bundesliga-Finale 2001 between Bayern & Schalke, when Schalke was already celebrating for several minutes, and then Bayern got a freekick from INSIDE the box in overtime. Schalke thought, the season is over, but Bayern was still playing!
    2. You just look on the CL-Success. But to have a league, where over 10 teams can become champion + without someone like Abrahmovic – this is, what WE call success! Financial-Fair-Trade

  8. Only in the Premier League will the title be decided at 90+4 mins in the last game of the season. If you think the Bundesliga is better, who won the Champions League, Which League has had a finalist in most seasons in the last decade? It certainly isn’t Germany’s. You might not like it, but we love the culture here, and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

  9. Die deutsche Fanszene garantiert nicht 😉
    Beim Fußballerischen muss ich dir leider recht geben. Hoffentlich kommen wir nächste Saison ins Achtel..

  10. Hallo BVB Fans.
    Ich habe mit viel Arbeit ein BVB Video gemacht. Viele haben mir gesagt das sie wegen meinem Video vor Gänsehaut schon geweint haben. Ich würde mich mega freuen wenn ihr mein BVB Video das 10 Minuten geht namens ”From the Bottom to The Top – BVB 2012” angucken würdet 🙂 das Video findet ihr in meinem Kanal oder hier der Link: /watch?v=5GTz3JwzFuU
    Danke NUR DER BVB 🙂 <3

  11. mittlerweile ist auch Dortmund mit uber 80.500 Zuschauern die nummer 1 in Europa :D:D einfach nur göttlich :;D

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