Joe Hart’s career in Manchester City has reached it’s end

The arrival of Pep Guardiola to Manchester City was a breath of fresh air for many fans of the Premier League club as a well-known coach who has already won just about every club title there is to win was making his way to the Etihad Stadium.

Pep Guardiola is one of the main figures that has been credited with the success of Barcelona. This is the Barcelona team that has been dominating the world of football for the past decade.

The Spanish manager took over Barcelona as the head coach starting from July 1rst of 2008 up until June of 2012. During this period of time of around 4 years, Guardiola secured 14 titles including: 3 La Liga and 2 UEFA Champions League pieces of silverware.

This is a very impressive accomplishment for any manager to do and now Pep Guardiola is the man that the head chiefs of Manchester City selected to guide the Premier League to success and win major titles along the way.

Everything appears to be good news for Manchester City as they are now being led by one of the most highly rated and recognized managers in the world of football but this also comes with a cost and unfortunately for Joe Hart, he is a player that does not appear to have any future with Manchester City.

If a player is not in the plans of Pep Guardiola, it’s extremely difficult for that player to turn things around and this is what happened in the past with Ronaldo as well as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, some of the biggest players in the world just haven’t been able to work out with Guardiola and the manager has axed both Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic back in Barcelona.

This time around it’s Joe Hart as he has had to settle with a place on the sidelines and watch Wilfredo Caballero take center stage.

Yaya Toure also doesn’t appear to be playing any significant role with Manchester City as Guardiola has not found a role for the Ivorian midfielder and who knows, maybe some other players could be axed as well and Joe Hart is just the first one that will have to join another club if he wants to get playing time as this is not expected to happen with Manchester City as long as Guardiola is in charge.