Wijnaldum thinks that there is a Chance for His Side in the Premier Football of English

The player who is 28 years old has admitted that the game must be taken one at a time but he has also said that the same is more difficult than how it looks. The star who plays for Liverpool said that he is optimistic about his team’s chances and they can win the double titles of both the Champions League and the Premier League.

The team is at the top of the table with the same number of points as Manchester City and they have even played a game less than them, they are all set for the battle after 26 games which have been played. But the men of Klopp are still trying for the title and they also play the team from Munich at the Anfield as a part of the last 16 of the Champions League. When asked which of the given that the two of the titles will be harder to get the victory in, Wijnaldum said that it should actually be the Premier league which is harder given the high quality of the teams and the consistency that they have to maintain throughout.

The coach, on the other hand, has preached that the team must only consider one game at a time; it is a little difficult to do that as a player because everyone is watching the same and the pressure is on them intensely. He was also asked for curiosity about which player of the champion Bundesliga side would he would have loved to have in his team. It will be interesting to see how the team fares out in the rest of the league. On the big stage, I love him as a player and admire him”.